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1.14.2021 Keep your head. See, since i'd seen the weather's are a days away late to the present look into future's. Predilections are all i've. When for nights and for days i'd seen no moon, when my head smacked the cement, my hands cement, my face in my hands on me, saying, just slipping a tethered sound to the wind, "pull me with". Because the



1.10.21 At what point do you fight? Meaning secure your innate peace. When peace is being abolished, fight forward with peace. - Sometimes i feel my minds on a leash from my feelings. I thought it should be the other way around, my mind leading along my heart; however, howsoever i get this passion pumping, the blood running, this life loving, i will; howsoever the


Just to Understand

5 prose from jan. 7 2021   Just to Understand Just to understand that this is part of it. Thats all i ask. I am as i am before you in the please of perfecting a person. Who is this who sees what once was and asks now; where i've been? Who else could letter this eye to this woven word structure of any and

Just to Understand2021-01-07T21:29:41-05:00

Magic Park

Up in the sky Planes Stars While I'm on the road In my backyard Eyes fall on too Familiar To see new Person's image Mountains are people too In shape At least The police crash Its loud, thunderous I turn up the tape Tunes me to relax Ambulance clamours A poem on the street A body Heard my name Called in the sprouts parking lot

Magic Park2021-01-04T16:50:39-05:00

Flowism Manifesto

Painters of the flowism manifesto as follows: natural movement is the growing creation of God in Spirit Manifest. Trinity is a pulsing hand going into canvas, into word, instant perceptive unity in a work of art. Art is no measure of perfection, measure your own heart's truth. See in us, our art; in art, us. All in one and one in all. Create. Flow. Live,

Flowism Manifesto2021-01-03T23:54:46-05:00

1 1 2021

FullSizeRender1 1 2021 The value of being is all here is seeing poems peopling about. Still ride the wind, water flow within and into again from endless streams of love, grow with this tree of life, the words blossoms in the winds. Of yesterday there had been hope, for today we are loving our testament to live true the promise of life. Golden fields of

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Dec 27 2020

Dec 27 God you are love. I am love. Be this love all we need. Life beauty eternality in through me. Let me feel you wholly. So perfectly in all my being i want your good glory to be singing. Lovely lovely lovely. You are God of love, all we need, so lovely. I love you God. I sing to all people for your love

Dec 27 20202020-12-27T15:28:50-05:00

Light on Color

Light on color Light curves. Light is synonymous with color. Does light create color new or only reveal inherent color? Colors curve. All colors reflect onto nearby objects with an opaque relation of light. Whensoever i use color, light is also the case. Wheresoever i use light, color is also the case. Painters are alchemists of light, in due effect of light on the spiritual

Light on Color2020-12-19T20:22:41-05:00

Love Comes in Threes

Love Comes in Threes   I’m a fool, but no fool for love. I’m in love and all is love in my life. I’ve gotta have you in every light, everything is your love. You’re the stained-glass window of God’s love light and I am blinded. I’ve been in a glory, bumping on a void ride. It’s the dark and it’s not even night, I

Love Comes in Threes2020-12-19T13:07:38-05:00


 Alphabet A-Z A Ah it's the first and its wack and wonderful attack on nothing. It's the passionate easy love. It's an elegiac future preposition. It's a new era. It’s it.    B Blue bled some brought yappy yarn through the spool of the universe, unwound nomenclature, carelessly led nowhere, fearlessly led everywhere. Bears big and stars adorable breathe light, ah they shuffle glitter in

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