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Lover   Who's the lover When we're in love Isn't it love   Because when you're in love you are love itself. Lover and loved are one. To love yourself is to love them because you're both the same.       love, Bjorn



Sunflower   I remember The wood creaking on your back porch And it fucking broke my heart!   And i saw the night lamps twinkling And my spirit begun a flame.   The sunflower, from your sunflower pack With a sunflower on the sunflower pack Just the size of a palm Brown with sunflower drawn on sunflower pack And i planted two seeds in my


Whole World on a Love

whole world on a love For the world For the whole world I feel while i love   Love everybody in how i listen, i return to them their love they give I'm all for love   And with you Only you I feel you receive my love Because i receive yours And they are one in the same   And why else the whole

Whole World on a Love2021-04-12T19:24:08-04:00

Red Red Red Rose

Red Red Red Rose   (Robert Burns inspired), in love   O my Luv - red, red, red rose. Who rose sprung in June, O my Luv - melody in we So sweetly play'd our tune   As fair as art thou, my bonie lass, So deeply in Luv I am   And forever now i love you into eternity ∞ ♥️      

Red Red Red Rose2021-04-12T18:50:12-04:00


Murakami A short story from the perspective of a streetcat. Murakami is a streetcat.   Murakami (1)


2 Poems about Poetry

Poem 1   Micheal asked me are you more afraid For having not read Than having read And i Would send me Fearless   Into the formless former Of poetry Seeing myself bleed Crimson and gold and blue   Just to be Prince of the muses   Just to be a moment eternal   Just to be     Poem 2   My poems Are

2 Poems about Poetry2021-03-30T00:05:44-04:00

Venetian Snares

Venetian Snares   Sound waves ripple Step up the outside thought, somber touch to the imprint Lady in gold and clamor of the child Wild scales our hands own No, own us this sound Bring us the beauty, bring us the glitter of ideation A nation of one, one in all, all in one Slipping another last word Into eternity

Venetian Snares2021-03-16T20:06:57-04:00
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