The Calling of Matthew

I’m sitting on a wood grain table, somewhere west of Jerusalem – when on a soft dewy wind are the words which here blow through me.

The lanky green leaf trees sway and seem to whistle through their interior. Last night we had a sweet rain so still a soft blanket of light is laid still over our valley.

I hear the birds singing. I am brewing tea I collected from the fields now in a kettle inside.

Suddenly the sun squirms through the clouds, my eyes have been closed – as i’ve been in a deep thoughtless meditative prayer for the awakening in me of abundant unification by love in my life and all creature’s lives – so i can feel the heat and thousands of little glimmering lights with colorful stories of their maker’s breath dance on the backs of my eyelids.

I can feel the opening in the sky, the air warms, humidifies. And a fly lands on my right foot.

I take off my shirt, my eyes still closed, and simply soak in this glorious light.

As time begins to pass i feel back into time. An eternal moment nears me. My breath is deep.

A fly lands on my belly, awakening my body’s field of sensation, unlocking the door of my eyes into an all blue surrounding. My eyes are still adjusting when i hear a whistle; three doves fly overhead and out of sight behind a chimney – four doves fly out together.

I smile.

“Matthew.” (A voice i do not know calls my name. And i feel i’ve heard it before. It’s all so near.)

“Follow me, Matthew.”

I put on my shirt, leave the tea, i am following the voice. He says his name is Jesus.