You Must Change Your Life

You must change your life. Read the feeling called up through the heat. Blowing steam, sipping coffee beans and oat milk into my mouth. What is a mouth to a saint? Is as open as love reveals, closed as peace persists. When action must be taken, take it. When stillness must sit, sit, rest a while.

Perhaps in changing myself i’ve changed the life about me. How much does it cost to be just beautiful, naked and at the resource of truth?

All Eternity is in a Moment

All eternity is in a moment. Said me, said i saw it in the snailing to a stop second after the rain in morning. Time relapsed, passed Whitman, Blake, Oliver; all seven of them, new caterpillars, floating graces hang from the trees, its where poetry is to be, then in nature as we are; i remember walking, carefully perusing pages of being in Emerson’s lines, about some other poet popping out their eyes, their mouths to who could stretch eternity from a second, still into a moment, eternity. I watched the snails slowly stop crawl, a faint trail of time behind, smelled the rain from wet cloud walk, they traverse the spinning earth in standing still; that’s all it was, being still for a second moment.

I Like to Pretend

Quite possibly it’ll interest the future. Dare i see and say: i like to pretend; it will. That i’ve never been here before. Well, yes, yes why not. I like your outfit. I’m on holiday, have a good night, made to be holy day, so anyway; all the glow of this new suns up in the laurel verdant of this city’s trees. The pleas of the birds belongs to music, continuity with sound. Everything is music: i like to pretend. I’m famous for visiting coffee shops to stare out the window a long while. I trade smiles with a wiser woman than i, i’m an attraction is all, real fruit of a peace transcending. I like to pretend i know what reality is.