Listen while reading


I go through pens daily. As I’m painting orchids, listening to a song of Her’s called Marcel. I hear the guitar playing. Sounds like bells ringing in another universe. Maybe he raised semitones on a few string picking patterns. The beat is primarily bass, and a hit hit basketball bounce in the void sorta snare. He has a few dragged out echoing chords amidst a spacey beach scene while two people’s language of love is the happy howling of sorts in one another.


It’s the kind of song to have you realize all the while the music was playing your lover’s saying why did we have to say goodnight? Couldn’t that night looking from the moon together encourage me on. And things will never be the same. Let me love you forever. I’m afraid, sort of not really. I have faith. I’ve been listening. Really opening myself for giving a lovely receiving feeling of life in all life’s wonder anyway, i just wonder why there’s not more music like this. I feel there was a time when people promoted good loving energy in their art. Surely I am today. 

I paint a scene of Her and I laying together in the dreamfield; paint the scene into the petals of the orchid painting. We look out together and in, we look from the moon together. A red rose by us. And the little prince shining a light into a dark place with his rose he loves so shining there all red red red. 


I meditate a while, hearing the song still playing into silence; then hearing “I’m okay, I am here to listen. I trust my Love. I trust my goodness. This source is intentionally present – God is.


God is:

Relational, deep love.

There is only feedback not failure.

Everyone has individual blocks.

If i listen my heart softens.

If I listen we are closer to deep connection.

This is a place for self compassion.


Learning deep listening helps bridge divide. True cultural heroes are bridge builders. They listen from many points of view, of what is said and unsaid. As they listen, love is a constellation. 


Everybody has a prayer for the world. Mine is love.



This prayer comes in many ways. Here is an example:


I look at the plants with all the yellowy green sunlit leaves like hands reaching for the sun. They sing “more light” “We love the light” “The heavens declare the glory of God and the sky above proclaims this handiwork.” All creation is singing in harmony of and for you God. All this life is a love story of your doing. Lord i give in for love, i give all the endless love I know is in you. Listening. 


So the clouds sway and i walk into a new day, or a new day walks into me. Maybe time comes into me rather than me into time. Or perhaps time is an incessant motion with unstoppable constancy. Will time end? Is eternity with you outside of time? When i am in space i feel a moment of eternity. Where all is one and all is perfectly still.


So a cool spring breeze washes my face. The birds sing and my body glows in the dapple sun pool of light, this light within you. 


I feel my most vulnerable these days. I see all the colors of life. Everything is music. God i love you and i wish to know your more, experience you fully, be in this love in you always. 


In the powerful name of Jesus i pray, Lord show me your power today. Open the way of everlasting eyesight, experience with my sense and nonsense all you truly are. I love you. I love you love. I receive love. Till in the forever now; I am love.