Love Orchid in the Rainforest


I recall a certain orchid flower of the rainforest and the bee who experienced this orchid.


Rainforests have no distinct seasons. Life flourishes. This rainforest even seconds in fertility to the Nile River. Constantly, there is food and half wet humid air for the life therein.


This orchid is of a rare species, as many of the life in this particular rainforest has yet to be documented. This orchid has been documented, however. With a golden glowing aurora and pink reddish tones, the flower stands like a buddha floating thoughtless amidst the green verdant aisles of this rainforest. The orchid opens for day with a display of wings, golden wings; a nub of pink dripping perfume which falls into a slippery bucket of flower petal. This orchid is quite the sight, even more -the experience.


So comes along a bee buzzing all blue, looking for it’s rainforest flower perfume – that the bee might dress itself in the pink sticky love potion number 9 and when love is all strange -the bee now on the pink orchid nub, slips. Falling into the flowery bucket, doused in the love potion of this bee’s affection. To no avail can the slippery petal bucket walls be scaled. The bee, in a panic, searches and searches – and one tunnel leads into the light again, freedom. So the bee gets going, slow, exhausted already, crawling through a flower petal tunnel in the lovely labyrinth of an orchid.


So when the bee is nearing the freedom of light again, the tunnel shrinks. The bee knows this is the only way through. With this love potion the bee has gathered, the bee must find the one lover again.


The bee crawls through the tunnel and the tunnel constricts, the bee is stuck in the orchid’s hold (the love of love). Now; here the orchid glues a golden slab of pollen onto the bees back and releases the vibrato buzzing bee into the light of freedom. Back into the dewy rainforest air.


This pollen, this love of love, is now attached to the bee. Inseparable from the bee. The love of the orchid has become a part of the bee. A part of the orchid carried on like eternity. From flower to flower the bee pollenates the orchid’s golden slab of pollen, just spreading love. And finally finds again, all flowery wet with love – the bee’s one love.