I remember

The wood creaking on your back porch

And it fucking broke my heart!


And i saw the night lamps twinkling

And my spirit begun a flame.


The sunflower, from your sunflower pack

With a sunflower on the sunflower pack

Just the size of a palm

Brown with sunflower drawn on sunflower pack

And i planted two seeds in my backyard

In the drop dead of winter

And come spring

One’s standing so very verdant 


The vines even spin their hands around

Holding our sunflower up

And the sun rises everyday

And when it’d gotten quite hot

And the sunflower had bugs all about

Holes and bruises and catepillar etchings

The clouds brought shade

Did not cry, no they only comforted with humid

Half wet air

I cried


So the sunflower

Stands tall today

Verdant in all glory


Where with my symbol of

A sunflower

Here is