Success is measured by attention to beauty. 


Each moment of life aptly holds in pure attentive experience, the absolute joy of beauty. A successful person is them who is in high attention to beauty in their life and the lives of others.


Beauty is indistinguishably always beautifully. At the point of appreciation to life, beauty undresses the way the morning mist burns passionately clear to reveal blinding and brilliant yellows of sunrise. All through the day this occurrence of joy at sunrise persists, new joys are had, but feels most true at the birth of the experience, there is nothing as sweet as the first time. When beauty became in me.


Each day is a new beginning, a birth of the world. A life may change at the sightful hope staring in sunrise. The sun is always brightest on dawn, our eyes have then been cold and blue with midnight, the early hours in humble quiet, birds begin calling up the song. 


The moon is beautiful too, when without sun to shine, glow in marble moonlight and in new moons the stars are dreams connecting me with the lifting song. I fly with the birdsong of sunrise, the cricket chirp of solitude, rich in experience; I am successful. 


I visit the dark, romance of my atmospheric night. Tonight cigarettes after sex plays. I sip a black americano coffee under a neon white water tower. Crickets hop on by and by, chirping still the song.


I listened to the café barista speak on his love for motorcycles, his patience as he walks without a ride, awaiting tomorrow when his new bike will be under him, him flying higher than cloud reflections in the streets. Beauty washing through. I write the joys of another to expand my attention to a beautiful world, we choose how see the world be beauty. To me, to all i meet, success in a good story, a forgetting of the clock, my dreams, my mind, our mind, people and crowds, quelling on inner waters, sunrises and moonsets, coffee and stars, solitude and good company, a song and essay. A beauty became. 


With Love,


October 15 2020