Prayer Essay


I feel open, through and into the open heart of my door into life flows rivers of resplendent color, songs of illumination, words move with power, breathing is praise, all is worship for God of love. I feel loved, the days are important, a dream is a nearer horizon, the eyelid is the hinge of the world. 


The world i live is dream instilled, bells ring, colora sing, each part us complete to the whole, the whole gives direction into the parts. The play of life goes on, nature is sweet, sensual, companion and friend. The time is now. The space is anywhere. 


God lifts us to Holy Land, rivers, waters, mountains, flower mountains, pure white dove fills the sky, my reflection dances too, i feel pure, having been made pure, the reach of peace met in my hands, my feelings on me, no feelings from others. If i were the world in whole, we’d be a peaceful world. We all could live our part. 


I have to live always. My God enlightened dream is to share the experience of God in art. In Topanga as my base, i’ll home my body with spirit, make the art a fine ministry for the enumerations of God’s presence. We are love, each and every soul is opportune for absolute expression of love. Questions are ever only, do you accept, will you change, how is love, how are you, where are your treasures stored. In heaven. Treasures are safe, untouchable and fully touching like sunlight is love to the objective piece of art of Human. 


God i pray fo be humble, to talk less and listen most. Let my yes be yes, my no be no. I be a lover never a fighter. Forge my way with upward vinyard vernacular. My surety be love of You. Where i am i call angels in holy numbers fo adorn spaces between, cherubim to fill between time with impassioned patience to perfect eternity in God. Let every moment be holy, be your will, be with you, be a way with eternity. Let me be human, on earth, grounded, willing to wash feet, feeling the pulse of everlasting in all normalcy. The least of all human, the most of all humans to each soul and every soul i will be love as God. As You instruct me to be. I will sing! I will breathe! I will color! I will create lines and coalescings! I will write! I will share Our love creations! I do all these now, i pray the way clear in me, love in me, God in me, and i see God love flowing on all true, good, beautiful, free.


With Love,


October 17 2020