Prayer Essay: Write


I write to find the feeling of God. I love God and God is who beings me through the days, each breath is a gift given, a golden invitation to appreciate life. I write so often as i need fo be reminded to be keen and attentive in nature, to beauty, to wonder in the awesome work of this universe, the Lord God of the universe, the Lord God. The Lord God of the universe had utterance had utterance in the healing song of a bird, a warming friend, a faithful truth to do good in this universe to God who is love, life, the adventure of love in the soul; in mesa arizona i make the place sound magical as it is, true to my time i take a toast to the mid-evening sun like a scholar or theologian or fearless love in the soul.

See love is the word which i repeat in my head to remind me of God’s good life, this word, love, returns to me the attention i attune to it; the energy is love, the frequency is acceptance. Love acceptance is who is the man in the mirror. I do not wish to compare myself to others any longer, i know all people have equal capacity to beauty, being everybody is beautiful the way that composites them “body” and completes the composition with “every”. We are all artists in our way i’d say, we all breathe the same breath; i pray Yahweh, God, guide my hand when in word, essay, prayerful art for all the day, this life we sow, display you God as love, us as in your love. Thank you God. Amen

Also, i prayed for just one cloud this morning, God provides, a pink swirl in the blue orange sunset sky. Thank you God.