Poem Reverie


Night sky tonight

Twilight, spook of romance

Sends shivers through times

Unlatches the clock

Hand in hand, cloud to cloud

Drifting through expansive

Service to diffusing,


Light in the autumn

The autumn pink

Rarity, the tree

Of life,

I’ve all the love


I’m mid poem reverie;

She texts me


I might not have meant how i felt

So tell me today

How do you feel about me:

So i say

I feel the same

Rarity, of life

The love

You and me

I mean

I feel in love

And of love

I feel God

So overall

I feel good

Feel in love

With you


The nights still

Sways mummer blossoms

Up in the twilight

The trees wave

Waterfall laps

A second

An eternity

All the same to me