Opera House

Deep in the jungle. Hairs of her head lay bed my head i sleep in her mind. Every wayside thought is my extravagance, interlace hands in neural prisms, perform a thought, relapse a feeling. Falling in love in the jungle. Suns slung low on the horizon up and aglow skyline, slipping lines between her teeth. If please we’d please make walk over the roots, the webs, the spiderwebs and the the uprooted trees. I ask her what gets your feet back in the soil. We’re talking together, talking to us in the symphony hall. Suns slung low in the stained glass window, long angles form complex shadows, lesser beings or believing my eyes i’d read free will written in the harps chord. He’s beside her at the piano seat, they share the seat, him and her; her hands long, fingers slender, sloping sounds from imaginary, from his mind and he’s on a rhyme. Um, if believing is seeing i believe in love. My rhythm is a bluer discord, a human parachute, turned in and on tuned to God. Beyonded by the way she glories the air. With her he’s simpler, truer, attuned to love for with her God is with all the more. Eternity is in our harmony, i’ve many time, endless times to rhyme and call on the fair dove. Its above and its inside, its why i cried on the street corned off cafe. Its love. Love in the opera house.

I’ve got something to say, something the way beauty besets me. Puts me in the interconnected web. I die into light; full of light with God. I’d tell you i did, i died in that accident and i’m stuck in an immortal dream. All and nothing matters. We’re fully forgiven and i’ve given fine full and fully myself, my dreams, my me oh my this mind into life forsooth. For smooth is the love of God, make that, this mind of mine fine, love you in the opera house dream in the least and in the most i boast of Going on this God dream. Feeling myself outside and feeling myself inside myself. Crying in bed just out my left eye about love meant to be, being accepted as i am.

She’s twelve seconds into a new piece, piecing keys into locks i knew not ever were existing nor locked even. Im feeling full throttle force the last colors if sunset were stuck in her forever color show. Aren’t you going to say something? Im in love and i don’t trust my own love. Ive been told my loves not good enough, that I’ve done it not so, been too loving and altogether not.

Some stars shoot through the sky, they quell my own fleeting. Rest sovereignty into we. Me, as for me i apologize for ever i was poor in love for I’ve always felt the richest though. I cant help it. Ill be in truth in the crying night, ill be light cast into light, alive on this plain, watching valleys, peaks, melt into my hands, my lips.

I’m singing with my echoes exhortations of meant to be’s, she’s sweet as strong as i’ve ever seen since first sight. God’s glory in a woman’s body. I feel it. Not alone, not just in my work, my art, my play, my opera house dream, my harmonious echoes sing, my eyes in her eyes, my God.

God my stories seed in my eye, i am Yours. Yes you have to be; and me, i am Yours fully. Eternally climbing the tree. I’m a child sitting on an ant pile. An evergreen, an ever so it seems poesey wrinkled in time, knocking on the doors of perception, breaking on through from the other-side, of space i’m an inner explorer, writing between the lines of dream and reality. Because dream and because reality, their one and the same all the same to me. I live for the eternity in a day, moment forever moment, momentary bliss. A room with a piano, large echo colors, glass trembles, hands unearth unlocked, awesome personage free, the tree of life in this opera house.

Honestly i’m writing how i feel, writing deeper into the feeling. How in all the imagery I’ve been hoping this is healing, hopping word medley alchemist that i am of the unspeakable feeling. I’ve love in my heart for you, for you i’ll refrain, leaf the pages between the right words, the perfect dream. The God thing.

Love God, sing, play on. We are graced beings, performing rituals on repeat, beating the drum of expression, intimate relation to ourselves, solitude depending upon the depth of our life, live on. Saved by Jesus Christ, doven into by the Spirit of love and intercession and being fully forgiven, spoken in word; with word i return something i hope is love, i pray the way carry on, way in through way: yah ever way.