October 28 2020

The grand arrangement is such fine pretty language in my eyes, my sufferings in my heart are miniscule to wonders abound by a salvation. A nation of love, every soul sewn, thread to eye to threaded to eye, a body of God. In every eye i see your love God. You manifest many a ways and in all ways i am apt to turn all attentions, endeavors, language street talking and poetic popping to heavenly accord. 


I hear it sang in the chime of wind, wind of time is change, rearrange daily the futures of time, structures a new dial, slow time my God of wonder. I’d said monetize, pray, play. I seek to make living abundant, blessing my friends, my folks, brothers and sisters and all them pray with me, breathe with me. Play with me. Spend your time in God’s pleasure, in righteousness of persistence. Wear passion and patience as to your ears, glistening, you are a devotee to heaven-speak, even in the ways you breathe. 


I’m minded apart the world, a foot forward for a future universal love languor lavish and baptize my fears, i fear only God, this freedom i am for all.


No human and no circumstance has not an abundant door housing the beautiful. God goves always a way through, i pray you, and our eyes be open heaven child. Earth child dance, keep your eyes afloat, forgive first yourself and see the worlds collision crumble in your fingertips, rumble beats in your heart, be art, attune speaking into existence. Leave this world when will happens, love as action


Insofar as our prayer helps us forward ourselves finding God being life within, we may act in our own goodly accordance. Sing songs goody goody, lovely never woe is me, peasantry in purple silk and satin robes, overcome throws of new days, been awake moment by moment, market of love. 


I fill my hands in all i need i carry, sojourn, with soul, swing sweet divinity lexicons upon inner skies, suns and moons my words and sentence to speak truency, how i have seen God be, believe in the word, a way and walk it steadfast, watch then ride the wind, be again a daisy collector, autumn’s wind adornment, natural mountainous story of one persisting life – God salvation to God.



Epistle to the apostle. I read. Sunscapes yellow and white shapes cloud my mind’s sky. This time i’m alive in mesa, arizona.


Made me a nice hot and black coffee, bumpin to tunes i’d crafted last night’s prior, perfect life in moment to moment, made my morning pages of three. Happily ought I be, i believe whatsoever our circumstance at my heart strings with love. I’m a musical magician, elucidated with prefix, syntax, modal structure of my logic i gave to a natural world, play, monetize, pray; these words i find following me on a page, flying free, feeling good and God is why, love is beautiful, we are alive, love is beautiful, we are alive, each every and all of us, this is why i smile, i believe in beauty, in God, in salvation, in life from death. I am joyful, an enterprise of eyes in a starry night sky, when i’d laid back that night in desert sand, stranded in an old prison town, my car totaled, my face with glee in feeling me-oh-my mind is still thinking, my hands through my hair feeling my right hand with my left hand and time is slowest, my life bright flash before future in my eyes, headlights, spinning and being found by God, angels who can save a soul and body both. God is good gracious, alive. I say God is alive because God saved mine, my life now is an ever-singing echo of why i’m alive-God.