October 27 2020

i’m purple love, all the colors of the spectrum sky, sunrise to sunset, sunset to sunrise, in my eyes windwatching in my breath windriding, inhale in all – you are God, you are alive, you are love. I truly love you God, feel you God, see you God, my life is living testament to your powers of sustaining life, making life new, we are oceans of sensation, sounds unlock ripple waves in being, breathing deeper meditations, music plays, paintings paint, vehicles are bought, life is lived, books write, prayers are lived, friends are fortunate, wellsprings i bless to be scenery in heavenly internal realms. I sit in a black spinning chair in black and white polo paint pants, my left leg crossed over my right knee, on some off five or so hours of sleep, by the window, a beautiful tree is green, tall into the whites, yellows, blues, the green of early morning. There is my reflection in the mirror window glass, when i look from the outside door, moments pass, i’m smiling, thanking you God to be alive, present, breathing in reality, pleasing myself purity of heavenly accolades, in earthly accord heaven hands angels day, roses swirl in my eye, i’m alive and finely fit for a job, a car, a place. Backpacking seems fun, freelance working too, minimal expenditure, adventure always, my life is minecraft, i’ve for best of friends, i love you God, thank you sweet Lord, thank you, thank you God. Love(


Thus spoke winds through my lips. I return from the mountain, i speak the lights of sunrise to sunset, sunset to sunrise – the enlightenment is our own eyes. I love God and humans, God is alive and saved my own. This is my story. My prayer is in action. I talk my walk my talk. I’m the humble peasant with gold aura, playing the strings of glass, elucidating essays ok commonwealth. Devotion is answer. We must be devotees, passionate baptismal fires of doves, fly in my eye, i see a world of love, spread love in heart of God; God is love.


What matters to you? Mention me the linguistic genius articulate gesticulating freedom. Fear of God is freeing, frees me to be not afraid of death, no human fear, all love in water. 


In passion and in patience. I am water still and flowing. Sunsets bespoke a setting i feel attentive and understood in. Joy permeates even in mystery, in gradations gradual and instantaneous reminder to my life, i am alive, God gives life and comfort is in the seeing of the wye, the longing into eternity, why else love permeates, stills in spirals, gold leafs a tree, aura automatic spiritual reminisce, i put forth love, life, giving and taking up my cross and along mountain peaks and valley plains, singing still singularly with all birdsongs, windwalks, heartbeatsX more than metaphor for God-speak.