November 2 2020

We look for sunset, he having seen orange and blues protrude sun and sky and slope my neighbors roof, through my bedroom window and into my eye. A flurry of elegiac sensation for a passing day, blue hour, Virginia howling at the window, shes so oriental with water, her tears cannot console, i leave the thought; then night, the water hole. All that time between so filled me.


The colors were more than lively, i spoke with the sun, she plays a slow game. Light years away in and our space and time to send warmth and love for millions of plants and hearts.

I remember my head put the passenger window, in a red car, David’s car. I noticed my breathing smoothen, we’d found a city forest in downtown chandler, ordered coffee from Peixoto. An oat milk cappuccino and a large hot americano for me, i forget how to spell capuchino. 


I stand listening to rock and roll droll music, anthony’s playing songs in his head and pulling me oh my these espresso shots do me in as i sit at the tall round table just next door, chop shop. I walked the alley, danced in a water puddle, told david to meet me at chop shop, said they’ve got cute and good people i like to see and break through some bars. 


David pulls up in the door. We’re to curate beautiful works, beginning first with nature, then my own, the austere familiar, the beauty not lost. I order a protein bar, she gives it to me for free, i make art for God, the girls love God.


David and i laugh, talk a sanctification for art. I say i’m gonna play at the market. Paint a burlap sack at a price of $12,000. I laugh, smile, sip a coffee, dance smooth out the door to a song i like and don’t have a name for, off into nights in paint.