November 12 2020


I want to touch with eyes, to be touched by eyes. God is all seeing eye, color in an eye, experience love. God is love.


Were the sun an eye herself, she’d be dreaming a living dream in behind the haze of clouds. Skies are so overcast as my head is. I wake up clouded, head-ached, found i fell asleep in bed with my keyboard. Moon’s still in the sky. Perception is pretty. I can hear children play games and sing and scream at the park nearby. A plane hums and so do i. I’ll make a hit today, that’s a new thought.


I made a new painting black and white tonal masterpiece last night. I painted on a thick light reflecting surface so spaces between paint reflect the seer. I felt the magic of oil paint again. How colors mix like God’s love in us. 


I’m outside in the grass, my prayer is peace, love, prosperity. I see my shadow sleep on an autumn leaf. Sun’s light breaks through the clouds and my head hurts and still i feel light. Already i’m at midday and the suns a low swinging chariot.


Love is all that occupies me. How far can i go when its endless? How long did it take to create time? How much space housed those first words of creation?


I’ve questions to keep me going, a God of endless abundance, beautiful givings and adorations for supplying prosperity. Simply i am. Breath is signal enough to the mystery of life. Beauty, a value in perspective. By degrees of attention this and the other world reveal. I am a naked echo boast for God.


Without much a sense for what to do and all the more trusting Gods ability and faithful to why things happen. I feel loved in twirling an autumn gold leaf in between my pink fingers. Seeing slight shifts of wind by blades of grass twirl. The ecstatic laugh of a child, one who i hear say “over here!” and all the rest of the sounds fall indiscernible. Is not my life’s way so often alike? I hear an “over here!”, i follow and find myself in the inscrutable joy of prosperity.


I’m adept to seeing. I notice colors. I hear songs. I feel a sentence. My loves, i draw on them. I’m not confused, only wandering a world i’m just passing through. Telling stories of how like in the tale of princess Kaguya there’s both country and royalty, love here, this world and that. Love in the return from mystery flights we’ve boarded, singing a song i know and don’t know how i know it, teach people how to feel, to see birds, trees, worship, to run wild in jubilee and play, entertain the day and hand in hand, dance, dance divine.



Why spread fear when widespread love is here and is happy as can be. I see trees. I see birds singing, please i plead, people be, love like moon and mirror, here and there magic set and spells and spitting love lip wet as a raincloud, loud as bolero sunrise, smooth as moonset, attentive as eyes a million off and i feel them on me. 


With beauty i become into my present. This gift of life goes on, life going into more life, greater is this life in a dream. I took a concert rocket ship ride, listening to music for cars, an energy for my past soul’s retribution kind of track, pink and white album, who knew what a year this could be. To be sitting a month a half out of twenty-twenty-one. I’ve learned no one touches a writer. Who’s been touched by glory. Hace me boasting of christ like paul in II Corinthians I read words at the Writer of writers, God-speak into me oh my hand, this losthead in glory you see i’l take the following lines to recognize a situational state of mine.


Mind, my mind minds no continuity. I’ve no past, only eternality in the futurity of Christ beloved as can be. Being the bearer of both all and every sinner who in being recognized to God their lives saved to freedom of worship for a grand Creator. 


God came into earth, bore himself into women, mother mary, lived stainless so pure and pretty palm speaking upon a donkey on a loving sunday, healed wither hands of the lame and made them write, their bodies and souls well who were well off the love radar of pharisee who saw verse far-fetched from Jesus’ Lip, lip on the song of God did in the son of God and did forgive us our misgiving for dying a death we deserved, denying never love, being fullness of human God and killed by human in God ordained days of veils, tore the veil, struck the night with light, died, been born again in flesh, symbolizing our rebirth by Spirit who in-after Christ’s born again ascension lent as a flame of intercession, present perfect God indwelling the hearts of child like faith in loving action.