Im the Kokopelli. The space between. I am the mirror. Transusbstantiator to bread. But beautiful honesty of my mind, i cant help conjure words like this. Its brave, all pure feeling, fun, courageous, and if love is honest its a logical fallacy and spiritually attuned to perfection. So listen what follows yesterdays tomorrow, todays, tomorrows yesterday. Interlace my skin under time, i’m sure we’ve been here before, surrnamed this together when we swam with God in the grass under the stars on the hillside in the rain of our perception. Oh im the favorite person to hang out with to myself. See we get along nicely along the moonlit asphalt roads, the glistening listening dew drops honestly wetting my feet, feeling the cringe anxiety of death suddenly fear grip and loosen again when i think and then feel love. Its heavy, the American people, a tricky bunch of broken hearts breaking hearts and pointing to their shadows, their backs to the light. I smile into the sun. For me happiness is getting nearer to God and all that takes is being thankful and all that takes is attention and all that takes is time and ive got all the time. I often feel lately ive always been. As though it weren’t reincarnation but when i look into people i know them, and i know they see me and something changes in us both, like a secret whisper in our hearts and i cut the bullshit and tell the pretty lady i like the color that glow when she gets happy in through her eyes. I’m still learning about love, im all for affection. Ill fall in love again, sounds nice. What does not feel nice is obligation to a persons shit they got to tell you about you, thats fucked fear projection and im not for it. I like the moonlight, art, God, loving everybody. I love you. I listen to music alone in my room, ranting to myself about myself because the worlds a loon underwater and theres a viral outbreak that kills kisses. Thats what id like, a kiss. But for now ill settle being an alchemist of my own emotion, devotion in with God within love. Im just saying what my minds playing. I’m a signal serendipeter and my favorite button I’ve ever pressed is add to dictionary in word. In word im much more arbiter to light, like listen: God is love, you are fancifully talking to yourself, hear yourself, i’m listening lover rock, love on. The heavens above proclaim the mint shine and glory become by God, the earth proclaims his happiness. Im joyous fervently recalling psalm 19, i give time to the page, im for the age. Genius since incantion. Myrtle and Mondrian, hurdle and carry on, be natural, look out that window in me, walk through the open door within. Im alive locked in a beauty eternal stare into listening itself.

i felt transparent to be present to my transportaling dimensions of yours and our world and my world and had all the worlds one name i think itd be loving and kind and if so itd be God. I love God and my heart is in it, i love God and i gotta speak on it. Gotta feel on it. Sometimes singing is in silence. Sometimes i feel like i slipped out my skin and time altogether and when im back in wondered whats to eat next or how much gas my vans got. Then i hear they’re holding a stargazing with us.
what i do is write. Ah. The page is a location, centralize here and elucidate todays diatribe. Play at the tribe, poke fun at fun itself. Forwishing revolution happens quicker could get you a watch from walmart with a smell like a red gusher. Sweet like a flora rose. Seep sleep deep. Dream with angels my beloved.

someone close to me goes again and i fear ive got some substance about me like i walk through walls and dig out halls in bodies because ive got so great a thing happening here and have a beautiful day. Yah every the Way.


ive never met an end to a thing. A camp crops up again, new idealization of a name underneath naked as the first time, you’re showing. Touching on something sounds like this. Trepidation grabs hold the nation not under my name, blind barricades break down and sing pure feeling, sometimes the patter first feeling puts me deepest and divides me from friends i love like im overbearing to be speaking on all people when its just you and me walking under this sycamore tree, just you and me picking at autumn leaves, just you and me benched here, just you and me saying its just you and me.

but if tomorrow a jewel like you would walk through my eye and doors open in my heart ill be ready and believe me ill fall into love again like id not a doubt the world spins not and stars show up everynight for you because you, you keep showing up in smells, in my paint, on the back of my eyelids, in every woman ive found fine. Fine, fine, fine, forged notwithstanding my slipping feet. Be it blue or yellow, be or not to be, they’ll learn this last nights nearer than we think. We gotta sleep, i don’t though. I just dream constantly and im tired if the verbose punctuals presiding in prancing along tomorrows dictionary, really i just need someone to read because I’ve bored deeper than all the poets, slept no genius, i am genius and shit if you are too lets get it. If not then i love you too. I love everybody, i just need genius around me and i welcome yours if you would yourself. You are the greatest writer ive met beside myself because im beside myself in some bedroom rant when really im just trying to get closer to God and how it most loving today to a neighbor to be away from that neighbor because disease spreads slower than smiles and im full of smiles. Ah, if i learn something tonight itll be to write whatever and not withhold a sentence here or a sentence there because somewhere in a sound is a breakthrough from the other side knocking on the heart of you and you and Jesus is a good one, let in love, its best. Presided your presence had me like a flower in sunlight so i told you so and i don’t know you so well so anyhow if you’re beautiful you’re hearing it, I’m encouraging it, keep writing. Believe blue is the hour of ongoing interstratospheric phone notes in bed and not sleeping while i feel the origin or here shift up a tad bit to dismantle the oligarch oppression, worlds going to war against itself unless we learn we are all ourselves so love yourself and all others because God loves and this reality. This is so real. Believe me playing sun sight, stringing light in frequencial waves. Do lift us spirit in flight and pure feeling, falling forward and up into the horizontal and vertical reach of God and spiritual dimensions all the count .  God is love