Essay: Nature


feat. Ariana Jording

We can write about nature, or we can write naturally. To write about nature would be to give poetic utterance to he birdsongs, the blue shadows waving in the wins and in and out midday sun; sounds of cars roaring like lions in a tribal plain, yellow grass upto my knees, cheetah print on my lips. That would be to write about nature. Our endeavor is sweeter; to write naturally our actuality:


What does it mean, you, might ask – to write naturally? I can only show you, i say laughingly, ariana says that’s true, that i’m avoiding the question. What is the question? What? Oh my gosh, what is the question? How do you write naturally?


Well, according my internal studies. Plethora of abundance telling me word – that is unnecessary to language. And whenever writing use what it is talking about. This is writing naturally: taking out words the, that, it. Replace it with an objective mystery; a natural, a predicate, an intention. My intention is not to write clearly to logic, rather i speak loudest to soul. 


Soul knows natural. Soul is natural. 

To write naturally i pour from and into soul:


Ariana asks; what did you do today Bjorn?

I decided to wake up, or i was already awake, happened to notice dreams still carrying into my daily thoughts, i had none, i slept in longer than typical. Tomorrow i’ll take myself, my art, my love, my God and my solitude to Topanga. I move my life and im the change i pray God rearrange my every moving beating part to whole soul of love. I voted. I got coffee. I listened to music, my music, other artist’s music, Justin Biebers lonely and holy. We smile, we laugh, we sit in shade of a tree in back of my travel vehicle. I wrote earlier myvehicle is myself and God is driving. Amen ariana speaks.


: You seeto write naturally; i have to be natural, a scribe if scribing, scribbler scribbling, whole soul, my story, my nature. Some questions need doing. Will you use your freedom? Will you? Be free. These are the constancy in currency of my mental exhibition; this i give, i put to page naturally.


Naturally i’m an active dreamer and i’m not the only one – there are dreamers bowie and lennon, there are idle dreamers waiting like closed palm maybes of a flower, a petunia lip kiss and tell. But i, i and active dreamers i ask ariana, what does an active dreamer do? They are aware of dreams, their dreams are very much alive.


See: this is the point, i want to write everythinf i think, this here: God gives to each a dream their own. I have an already written essay. I have a dream. Find me. You have a dream. Thats martin luther the king. I like that! You have a dream! What enlightens your, back to Anthony Conley at the coffee shop. Eye, well; we need no censor to love. What is your dream?