Namer’s Grace

The first winds of human word

Blew petals like skin –

Thousand years direction

To settle acolyte soft –

Sleepless, the blossom lay

On a namer’s Grace.


They came, they came – 

The propagation

Maybe once a thousand years

To pray, catch that first wind

In their own skin, 

In their own hands – soft,

Soft sleepless petals

To rename.


Ah, they howled, they cuckoo’d

Ah, they daddied, they illuminated

Ah, they came, they came 

They left with leaves of grass.

They walked the road not taken

The autumn moon, the summer’s day

The nightingale’s dream – 

Their company, their comedy, their odyssey

Their way – 

That wind in their skin.


That first human word

Blessings sleepless their hand

They came, blossom again, they left

Now petal’d they lay

On a namer’s Grace.