Mental Train n. 1

a landscape

Mentally singing a track on love, sex, dreams by always strive and prosper, introduce to me, oh my mind is hit with a light. Essay on internal landscapes consider this a painting of a place i’ve always found to inhabit – who could out synapse to song membrane to coltrane, tribe to quest, neuron to Jimmy Neutron and Nikola Tesla. See my mind is free, oh so free, untethered all the while the soul of all life is found in me. I’ve got mind, soul – and at times the two get too much into two. When with body too, i’m composite three – grounded – they say the eye – window to soul, see the eye – window to soul, see the lips a leaky faucet endless sea spitting elegiac gold, go good with words, poet politic prescription is this –

I’m unified, one in three – see one in 3 and belief; universes veil.

Look yahweh father, holy spirit breath, christ gold prophet, percolating adoption through propitiation. It’s simple, and it’s wonderful. God is love.

Here we have it, it’s God. It is God. God has us.

It’s a secret file to a message, wind in the trees, pulse of blood, bird feeder in a field, soul to sojourner; pop to poet, unboxed distribution of God’s attributes belong to no one man pink, and pinky ring pointing in his garden; God cannot be boxed in, but God meets us where we are, fills love in life, lets us be free to love God, met in blue hours by doves, designer, fine first creator, forged us since first hour, divining dreams, hovering words, wind on the face of the waters. A still ripple.