Up in the sky



While I’m on the road

In my backyard

Eyes fall on too


To see new

Person’s image

Mountains are people too

In shape

At least

The police crash

Its loud, thunderous

I turn up the tape

Tunes me to relax

Ambulance clamours

A poem on the street

A body

Heard my name

Called in the sprouts parking lot

Good colors on cars

A perfect blue

Buy sunflowers, cauliflower, cheese

Other things

Everything’s more still

A cop interrogates a bus stop

Trees don’t blow in wind

New runner

Trudges side street sidewalks


To lift feet

Driving over train tracks

Autumn-leaves sitting still

Eject wail tale

Insert Beethoven pastorale


Ducks and geese on pond

Now open sign waves

Light wind

Tree hesitates

Just is

Old man

In white shirt

Shadowboxes at the park


Dog catches in mouth

Friends frisbee

Seatbelt clicks snap


Off for coffee

Just a piece of coffee

And people please

Eat mint

Drink water

Heads weightless

Walnut stuck in teeth

I look good

Lots of ducks

Parked car points at

By the golf course pond

Pass new runner again

Gotta stop driving and typing

New grey building takes up

Blue sky space

Reading signs:

You are right where you are

supposed to be

Dedication at every turn

Nice lady dances on street corner


Next door

State law

Sunrise senior living



Orange tree overhanging

Blue canal

Kids on bike


I wave too

Glad i exist

Your freedom to do everything else

Is dictated by your ability

Is some man on a couch

Speaking about what matters

And doing everything

While a kid spills

His coins

And picks them up one, by one, by one

And i order coffee to go

She tells me

Theres a cute field

Behind the theatre

Go on a walk

She says

Passing pigeon doves

A smiling palm tree wearing a dress

A portal of a puddle

A door halfway up a building’s side

An old lady lover’s same car

I arrive at the park

Spanish speaking landscapers

Sleep under a cardboard built fort

That kid who’d dropped coins

Rides by on his bike with a girl

He says “ill tell you what i’ve done”

I thought i saw a body

Slept beside the roots

Of a big wooden, long reaching tree

But it was only a rock

And by the rock

On the roots

While train’s roared on the horizon

And birds sharply pitched the air

With song and with play

I sit on the tree’s root

The landscaper’s awake, drive away

All the people on bikes go over

The canal bridge

Disappearing into blue sky

With white clouds

And i lay back

In a green clover patch

So still

That the trees begin to speak

Blowing in the lightest breeze

My shoes come off

The grounds wet, fertile. Alive

Antless and my white coat too

Sits on the body thats not a body

But a rock beside the tree

My back’s flat against

I see yellow flowers

A little universe

Revolving through the days

Stars like dew drops

Constellation of a bird

And a nest somewhere in this tree

A home

All around