Light reflection

Thunder of color

Hallucinogenic night

– I get three lines for

The page written itself

From my experience is; painting, then

retrieving a protein bar

From the hexagonal prism lit

Box. The lights i see when i close my eyes

Forgoing yoga tip mountaintop, color swoon

How space eluded me, returned swirling 

To me o my feelings on love, timeless, spaceless

Perfect dissonance, harmonies in –

Solitude’s meet:


isnt she lovely

Just so beyonding darling don’t you say

The dazzling lights, few of a favorite thing

Magical lights, clouds, walk, rain

The God graced feelin:

I’m an artist;

In love with writing about a woman,

Or the woman herself?


I’m only in love

With love itself


God is that



and you

Let me

feel that






photo cred. Andrea