Love Comes in Threes


I’m a fool, but no fool for love. I’m in love and all is love in my life. I’ve gotta have you in every light, everything is your love. You’re the stained-glass window of God’s love light and I am blinded. I’ve been in a glory, bumping on a void ride. It’s the dark and it’s not even night, I smile into a midnight sun. I’m await the opening of every universe, the hearse of the heavenly, the open light alike a diving wine, slurped sovereign graces, I stumble into the clouds, I’m about the blues, the yellows, got you glued on my everything.

Love is full, like a sea of shooting stars inside me and my body swaying I’d voice my love into the void. Let the endless echo with pulsing light. No, I cannot explain it, love. Love is through me, how I feel fully. For hurt it wrought I know not, I understand nothing, only the love I feel fully.


Loves an ever-feeling forging forward through life and through death and through all I am forever in love. The God of light shines in bright beautiful one. The candle I write likes to consume itself in life, me too. Is love a choice? Can I direct this waterfall, this ocean flowing through me? Will love carry through, bring us into one? We’re one in love and the love I feel is self-sufficient. I’ve graced by God, love’s pulsing anyhow, lighting the void anyway love can, love will. Will you love me the way I love you? Who knows love anyway. I feel love only one.