Writien jwo

Monospace saves us today in the more for love.

Eternity happens here. Death makes room for life, ive lived through the ostensible beyondings, met momentarily with forever time and apart time again. What happens when ive written the same thing in different words all my life and my life slips out from me. Rises into eternity, glory save me, God find me here, my soul cries to you. You near me unto death, show me your glory, opened the chamber door and you had me rest. Returned me to people and flicker phantasms, allegorical near this and stack sorrows of the world; where in the gold leaf green grass field, my back flat to a curved root tree, holding discourse in the moonlight, calling on the veiled stars, shine on. Last night, and on. One people everywhere in love, we are for you God, God make us like you, i wanna be love just like you. Oh God, autumns winded me, im full in an empty sky, im crying to colors, im flying with love, into every each and other with love, Lord God make us like you, love in you, with in and all about you God. Let us help eachother, help ourselves, save us this moment eternity in You. We are to you as we are to others as we are to ourselves. We must be love. I will be love. Make me love my only Love. Oh God. Go in the spaces between. Cry through my eyes, hand me hands to hold, a body to warm me, im breaking down in a gold and grass field, all alone and i turn in to see you, oh God, oh Love, oh Eternity.

Even toast, at a post thanksgiving solo meal, is spiritual to me now. I put bacon and bits of the egg dish i crafted, all with some jelly up upon my toast and crunch the craft of soul food for my own belly head healing with every word i type. Curators in gallery, my painting exhibition in internet worldwide, hosted in Korea is putting me down so i put down the phone for love. I give silence and fill mine with thanksgiving, with flowers, with i love yous to my family, toast. I  accept love and free flow of my creativity, i care the exhibition is my first global solo exhibition, beauty is eternal and im going into glory have you be with me or not, i am for love, you heard me, love me, i love you, i want you representing my beautiful work if you treat me with love, that love is your own, i hear your pain and i love you, i listen to you, listen to me, love me. Ill be in the grass fields, gold feathering my glory temple body, spirit abounded by Gods graces, loves lavished, flowered my lips.

Lips litanical overstrung course objectives in past felled freedoms for present daisy flowers, glib and glee glabs of glamour, real atrium heart of mine beats with the sea needs, aren’t we a love estranged? Many a women i dream in a love this way and that, life is fast and force into eternity for me. I feel you’ve got spirit, i wanna see the art you make, hear you sing. I just think itd be beautiful. Life is fast and going and that kind of thing slows me down. Ive seen hours shrink to second lapses of a century turn, millenniums in a minute; and most of all I’ve touched the gold of my age. Felt words grace spoke, “you’re an artist” say it. I’m an artist. Here, now.

Impish prefecture rode in so real my eyes believed they could keep to weep, so long as service to beatitudes left them and lept me forward humble striding the grass field at night in moonlight. Cars drummed by, kids played, someone screams, a cop is parked in on cherry lane, i water the tree blossoms spring bloom in fall with my tears.

My speckled face, moons my race, smiling face. I wave into light years glisten, lit sense insensitive to nothing, absolver of life’s mystery. We are people alive here and now and


be true to the just judge God, jolting jubilee in hearts who please milk and honey a pass for the law of chambermaid decelerations rising with glories of God, sheen in the spleen. Im film luscent. Looping positive thoughts of God’s presence, alone my body bewildered in the night, walking into the word, met us at a tabernacle, trickled tears.

Let go. It had been boxed. Blocked. But before you’d been hesitatnt you did, you drew your face on hearts, colored your eyes with new perception, felt good being understood because you looked mystery in the face, kissed her well, fielded by love, spoke clearly your contemplative seance, somewhat vernacular lest the peach.

This is my life and I don’t expect you to live it but baby do understand. And when were on the same page im at home. I’m not up past midnight because opportunity controls me, you got no hold on me, youre free as a bird, i’m off.

Family tree watch me grow rapidly, says baby keep doing, you, i love you. We hug. Charlie built herself a colorful house while i played keyboard, we drew things, she said her self portrait is never done.