I found these words written on my heart, follow the light illuminating premise – “Those who have should help those who have not.”


There are those of us, whom i speak from, who have bountifully. We live well in our comforts of provision, we are alive – God does always provide to us who have and us who have not. Us who have are well furnished financially, homely, fed and we are warm. Us who have not are broke, without home, unfed and we are cold. We ask you give from your provision and warm your own heart of God’s own in warming us, feeding us, housing our voice, acknowledging the wealth of our heart of one. 


Read that what you do to the least of these is what you do to God. How you treat another is how you treat yourself. The extent you love yourself you can love others. We are endless in love capacity. 


To give provisions includes physical and emotional. Give food and fill starved stomachs. Give soul food and receive us our grace: for Jesus is salvation, we are fully forgiven; for Spirit is our leading, we are home; for God is with. Those of us who’ve felt strayed furthest from God and find God meets us here, now in love as we are great lovers in our saving return. We are accepted. We are loved. 


Now do what you will with your privilege , your privilege is a gift and if you do not continue the flow of gift in giving the gift can feel damming. How many meals are tossed to the trash when bodies silently die from starvation in our streets? How many full homes room vacant feelings, empty affections large and expensive as the house when the streets bringing you home are decorated with the homeless? How many of us feel lonely? How is the quality of our love?


Let us be reminded we are blessed, each of one of us is united in the same breath in-within God. we are one live in seeing God living through our togetherness. Those of you who have; i ask you, i tell you – you must help those of us who have not. We are here for eachother. Find first love in your own heart, love yourself. Treat well your body who is you. Nourish your mind who is you. Give into your spirit who is you. Find in your heart our togetherness. Make love a verb


How then do we put our love in action? I see three ways. All three begin in a change of heart – meditate, pray, think on the good you know the goof in and in-through and in again you. Us. 


The first good is in ground work. Go into the streets – provide food, blankets, hand warmers, smiles, water, good ear unto the voice of us, of God’s togetherness in sustaining us our living. Make living beautiful, enjoy and smile into the sun daily. Really will we look from a flower, feel a friends embrace, pray into our own step and active hand, our heart of love.


The second is in establishing safety nets. Build schools, churches, home feelings, homes physical, hospitals, blessed services. These serve to save in program from disinterest, segregation, indifference. These establishments of peace provision lift us up in love. Love belongs to me, love belongs to you, love belongs to us. These are safe places; coffee shops, vacant homes with welcome mats, hugs, city buses, a neighborly dinner, libraries second story corners freeing with word and and solitary finding, a park, a safe nap. America we are restless, let us rest our head. I’ve heard of cities flooding streets on purpose to rid the sleeping homeless. How about floods of food, drinking water, acceptance? I’ve heard cops who kick sleeping homeless in the ribs. Wake up! This is injustice! Injustice disables acceptance. Justice accepts love; let us accept love. Let us be. 


The third is in activism, awareness, art, love extremitism, peace protesting, law and forgiveness. Artist, use your gift of expression, you are attentive i see, what injustice do you see, have you felt? How can we bring love into it? Express it. Poets write, essayists be loud, listen, painters paint, producers and singers hymn us a hallelujah, videos ought to be recorded, drawings of how you feel, see what good there is in the love of us, our togetherness. Protestors keep strong, be brave, don’t you ever fall into hate; love is good, love is ancient, love is here, love is you, love is beautiful, love is God, love wins.


Those of us who have love, live into our love. Those of us who have not, receive us our love. Our togetherness in God – universal love acceptance.