Painters of the flowism manifesto as follows: natural movement is the growing creation of God in Spirit Manifest. Trinity is a pulsing hand going into canvas, into word, instant perceptive unity in a work of art. Art is no measure of perfection, measure your own heart’s truth. See in us, our art; in art, us. All in one and one in all. Create. Flow. Live, love, accept. All is as it is.

The thing (you have to not understand with art) with art that you must understand is that art is in constant flux. Like the waves rising and pulling back, as does the veil of genius expression. Insofar as we are, we are. Easily, the artist transmutes their relational qualities with the world (the world as it is the flowing birth of being God’s art through which God is experienced, as well as being firsthand experience) through the alembic of the artist’s active movement into their craft. Be you painter, poet, philosopher; a visual, feeling, thought; abstract, actual, dream and reality; we. We as an artist are feeling the ingenuity of a creative God belonging us into God’s Spirit of expression. In creating art we are being God’s own art.

Truly all is alive, all is through God’s first flowing embrace with life, ever creating and if for only a moment we realize this, all life slips through into place, into time. Time apart time the memory, moreover relived revisits the front of my eyes, silks my skin and in the world all i touch is affected by the beauty of the hour the whole of the world awoke to me. All life is new. Beautiful are the birds breaching spun waves of luminescent light fractaling and shimmering the shaking winds the windows the mirrors all around this wonderful world I experience when i live. When i really live its as though life is mine. And mine is not mine at all, mine is the acceptance of giving into the flow of God’s will. Will i be a leaf on a wave crest winding bow of a galaxies whirlpool color? Will i ever understand? Will i at once feel free in the new image, as i am. As the God of love embraces my body, bespoken God loving God through my heart, living God of all has made me in art.