I let my 


So you find myself alone. Lavished simple tree in a lone orchard. Solitudes quelling; this misanthropic meeting not meaning that insomniac puttering around a lone worlds collapse isn’t something – it’s everything to inject love, to inspect the sorrows, vent over the harrowing halls of disolutions, of velvet fuckery around insanity; oh isn’t it the prettiest thing to let the dam break. Isn’t it?


Sweet embrace by the universe, us all at once left to lonely diatribes, duplex walk round dreams and realities. When all the pictures others have of me in their heads blot out who i am to myself, and its time i depart time again, find in the void the soft voice of God quietly, since eternity and on, sweetly singing. 


Saying welcome me, you lost limpid laughing overdose. Come lay with me in truth, in truth i am. I am floating, magnetic pull into the trinity. All becomes clear i see, heavenly apparitions n lombard free. Load the weightless in me. Kiss me, divinity. 


Be freed into light, an everlasting right, salvific Jesus saves, is God. The light always shining. Had only my eyes been closed? Been abruptly blinked into eternity