Dream Divinity

Dream Divinity is absolute adherence to pure intuition if a good giving forgiving God. This is easy essay on divine dreams. For past reference still living on ‘Divina Somnium’, the first of my manuscripts for which a black leather bound moleskin i’d decorated the door, or book cover with an eye cutout of a drawing i’d once done in a college library, sat up on a couch that was red, drawing eye after eye, why the eye i do not try to hide, i was in great love, i called it what she sediment, i’d bee lay to love, la-la-la’d into a party and cooked into sea green blue ice breath as could be beauty of a dream of eyes, i looked into her look into me, two, hers and mine, soul tied. 


Dream Divinity is rapture for poetic nutrition, eat healthy the new, word, essay, sentence all apt at a reverie, these are day dreams if a past night fright i’d likened to a madness for laying with my back flat in supine and sycamore, oak birch white leaves swirling over in me is a sunlit green field, blue skies i lay between. Clouds drift, drift west into the setting sun on the orange horizon with tinges of more orange-pink-blue nostalgia.


Who taught grass to dance in the wind? I am life speaks to me nonchalantly, i photograph a few blurry photos because paint, oil painted my lens and in every time i’d seen those photos i’d nearly though i’d lost my kind mind to be reminded i’d likened no find of rhyme, rather i’d give a plea to please speak truency in me, o Divine.


What is the most powerful thing in life to happen to and become you? Only that you became new and beautiful because of life after death for the changing seasons saved you, the life, the love, the autumn wind, same new nature; well mine was when i lay beneath a water tree, a leaf fell on me, God touched my heart, i changed into love forever, i notice that, i love God. God loves a God dreamer. Dream on Divine. Dream on.