Dec 27

God you are love. I am love. Be this love all we need. Life beauty eternality in through me. Let me feel you wholly. So perfectly in all my being i want your good glory to be singing. Lovely lovely lovely. You are God of love, all we need, so lovely. I love you God. I sing to all people for your love by the living air we share and we breathe and we share in our collective sense of your full space and your full time and though we comprehend not, we feel full the love you’ve lavished, are lavishing, will lavish Trinity in God speak sweet Divinity, honest aroma of afterlife, of all life, of touching eternity’s robe and being that healing, being that being is believing and seeing all and every and even one and we pray for more of these wondrous acts of love, mystic happenstance, transcendence in the inner infinite, magical love and mystery riddles of the sweet inhabiting earth out into something delicate as a lover situated in a far near clover field. Wind gusts a soft inhale into the green color. Worlds coalesce. Serendipitous is to say the least the way i appreciate you this sweet everlasting infancy birthing every new age and its a dove and ifs a beautiful yes and more woman. Your sovereign embrace.

Pink, yellow, blue lights alike this sweet allowance to please set a spell on the sweet day divinity to be more myself attuned to spiritual acumen and all that God Woman i fancify about, i do have dearest sweetness in-with for you are a friend of the beautiful, of wisdom, all and ever beautiful God of love manifest in you making cute faces in the mirror  of everything. God is light, love, truth and the way, O the life. So everywhere this omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent one is blooming like flowers in spring, swirling like clouds, winds, petals and leaves in autumn on high noon, dancing like light on the water in summer, warmth in winter. Most desired is your embrace, sleep, food, sex, drug, nothing compares to the art of your love and in full love i am.

The clouds have yellow faces silk lead grey light robes soft as a cloud and the whole of them in one movement through the light linen blue sky is enough to untie the bounds of an uncertain time to a certainly placed bridegroom running, or simply led along the light linen blue sky field with the most oracular, most vernacular spray of light; is the sun birthed by our eye, full in our mouth, pooling light in our being and overflowing.

Just endlessly flowering in the green yellow lit clover field did Davi decorate the aroma’d air with her own petal lip. Endlessly she felt the praise of a God who saves, who’s saved her and every other from the misfortunes of life is surely full of them and with God she’s a life tree situated beside a river, tossing warm blossoms into the windy air. She bears her fruit for the season is in giving, as in receiving the gift of opportunity to flow this endless into something. The least considered climb the sun draped clover meadows, medley of a mind altogether the poor disguise of a perfect Jesus, squatting at her roots, giving a prayer from the forever prayer and catching in their hands an orange, a purply white petal bowl, soul food and the drink of beauty be.

We’re to serve another, not to sever the string through us all, called love. He laid back in the sunlit clover field, the winds swooshing round his curly hair, his bare browned skin reddening and his eyelids painted with light years of fixtures. Symbols and shapes of another time, another sphere of life pass, dance, jitter in his closed eyes. Its peaceful enough to be had preposition in holy love predicate before time itself, and to be after too.