Commonwealth – America


Love is commonwealth. To each soul of people America must listen: love is commonwealth. To each soul of people American listen: love is commonwealth.


To each soul i pray love; i lift the power of my voice in freedom, in absolute, in truth, in strive and in prosper, i elucidate the day feeling of american people, myself, my soul looks out, i am overflown, listen: 


People of america, you are people of america. You  are free. As people you are free and america has squandered your freedom, turned the freedom of enchantment. Turn your freedom to love. To each soul is offered a person, a moral obligation to goodness, love is the commonwealth. We are all rich in our capacity. Each people america can be love.


The power has situated itself as higher, we live on the brink of social divide, in a time of current prevalent crisis, pandemic killed, kills bodies, kills connection, stifles the breath. There is more disease than COVID-19. There is the disease of the American people. Put down your phone, look up from the blue sky, the lie you believe is superiority.


If you would live your life with the freedom you have, none could, none would desire more than the growth of a flower. Nonsensically our people believe they are diseased. I offer the commonwealth for the people america. Here is my love.


God, good orderly direction, guide my hand; i awoke withdrawn the political unrest. Before breaks of sunrise i felt my feet touch the ground. I saw hordes of cops crowd black lives mattering, more than muttering their practice of free speech. I believe give what is governments to government; to God what is God’s. A person in America is God’s, a person in America is not the governments. The people ought to be the government of good to commonwealth. I speak loudest when to a single person, but i hear the call of the nation, i raise my voice in the breath of God the all-powerful for freedom. Hear this voice and echo. Here we go commonwealth, love and listen. Linger not in hands of oppression. You must take good care of yourself, leave the hate you impose upon another, that hate is your own. They are a mirror, your own ear hear you speak, what you do not understand you must not despise, you must love. Love is the light on everything, you must not point to your own shadow and say evil, you are. Are you willing to lose your self for the love of yourself? The commonwealth is love, i give from the provision of abundance, enjoy your lot, i am not here to please a people america, i am the future and i am love. You are love. You are change in the light of today. You are love. You are the light of the sun. You are love. You are the commonwealth. You are love. You are entitled, gifted, honored to be free. You are love. You are the muse of life. You are love. You are a vagrant specimen, a traveler just passing through this earth. You are love. You are the connector to constellation, sight of a shooting star. You are love. You are free to choose one currency or another. You are love. Will you be rich in love? You are love. Will you be rich in commonwealth? You are love. Will you be vulnerable, strong, beautiful, fanciful, dreamed and dream? You are love. Will you keep life? You are love.


Necessary, every necessary is a person of America, for people America is myself, is you, is freely given necessity to breath. In this time we must breathe, break open our lips in peace. Make pleas to God for peace. Live and look for peace. I tell you; what you look for you do find. I am looking for the commonwealth in your eyes. 


I ask you to no longer speak at. Speak from. My freedom America if you’ve begun to speak from you will hear, understand the musery of our life, words collide becoming one in the echo of our voice. We are to lift each person up, to encourage our loves, never to put down to lift ourself. Do not be submissive, you do not have go voice between two evils. Hear good and cast your vote in. I will vote in the coming election, we ought to use our voice in our vote. This is an important election. My voice matters. In number i find no value. What is the quality of your commonwealth? Are the people you hear love? I listen for love. I ask you people America, be the commonwealth, be love.


Commonwealth – America. You are what you hear, what you see is love. You are love. We must live. You are free.


With love, Bjorn

October 14 2020