[Being Living:]


God is love.


Lord you are God. In relational avenues i am alone on main streets, flowering in the alley, alone to my old ways, newfound in company. Positivity attracts itself into me, perceptive fortune free me this fleeting feeling of my life.


My intention is love. Love is then the lens through which i perceive all. I pray God make true in faith my love as God is love. In all things of my experience, they are freshly new, frontiering my day’s eras from sunrise through going moonset, and on the blue hours, birds sing praise of the heavenly, light washes me clean, still find no darkness, illumination is my mold cast, coalesce love from and back in God again, sweet graces in being living


I’ve most enjoyed God, having my actual world, our full world; not in wake at sleep nor sleep at wake: I give to each it’s own; being fully present for the rebirth of love in the exact moment of faith, beautiful attention to God’s gifts in being living. So i turn to open, pull back the petals cast in my perception, find here in this fine blue hour, the settings of a holy invitational.


Candles scented vanilla bean caramel biscotti, flickers yellow light between blue shades of early morning. These lights, the starlights, the moonlight – this world full of light, a manner perpetually spiritual inwebbing, grossing on internal take – the light illuminates the Arizona mountain ranges, rolls over the valleys, slopes the neighbors roof tiles, slides in through my bedroom window, in through my eye and in being alive i feel too God’s light inside. External and internal are both one in harmony. I’ve heated coffee for warmth to my hand, a slow fuzz wake in my brain – streams of hot espresso, water, and oat milk ride my throat into my belly; I’ve more than soul food. My hands trace the smooth spiritual tones, light bridges on a white selenite stone. The flowers of my garden grace with us our momentous moment to being alive right now.


God surges in my system, this temple of skin resounds with God’s music, coalesces God’s color. We see without knowing, free the formative name for feeling the same unitive pulse of all our being alive together. When i breathe it is God who has graced this breath, bespoke this life, circulating this same spirited breath through flowers, being me, being you, being us: all alive together in God’s graced breath. Breathe deep when you can, my friend, feel fully the now, kneeling now in thanks, humble wash of feet, stepped into the rebirth of God’s world – this world full of love.