Art of Articulation


To speak which is plain and clear is all an art of articulation asks for. While the oxford American thesaurus sounds like a prehistoric bone to the language of form, still we learn ‘articulation’ in being ‘expression’; ‘expression’ in being ‘the process of making known our thoughts and feelings.’ And in making known my thoughts and feelings i venture in the art of articulation.

Here i digress not. Here my venture is one of truth, honest expression in the art of articulation; so in definition and in exhibition i lead on, always on the way while in circular display – define, exhibit.

In describing the nature of my meaning i make display. What i wish to discuss is actively being created. At the forefront of perception is a creative impulse. The world is first born by the creative. In the creative’s production of an artistic display, the definition is in the exhibition. I may create first and find meaning later. I may do all creation within one meaning (I am love), while the world receiving freely finds therein, like the wind of change, their own.

So i release to the world the world, i take into myself spiritual in total, this world of absolute love abounding.