Keep your head. See, since i’d seen the weather’s are a days away late to the present look into future’s. Predilections are all i’ve. When for nights and for days i’d seen no moon, when my head smacked the cement, my hands cement, my face in my hands on me, saying, just slipping a tethered sound to the wind, “pull me with”. Because the weather tells a few days in advance, so when in current happenstance of breakdowns and breakthroughs my thoughts regained the weird wind patterns, the dead still air, the cool chill crawl on my skin. And in my remembering the nation’s inflammation to division, seeing in it a possibility for love. I look up tonight, to see the blue aura glow circling the whole horizon; blue aura glow is symbolic for revelation; revelation is not apocalyptic in distress, but is meant to be revealing: revelation entails unveiling. I ponder the universal color. I trickle my memory to the silvery slip of pale put behind the horizon before sunset, sublime moon, my going with; swoon.

I imagine a nation of no interpolation, i recognize the defeat, the utter failure of responsibility to an idea, found a nation on the principle of God and by the principle of an ideal idea, requires as any, we ought live in rational, moral obedience to the acceptance of love, the love of love. Love is the revelation. Blue glow, i see you throw me within the flow, put me inside the Glory show, i’m all play, when we hit the final day, every second feels as such, i’m reborn 777 times a day.

Anyway, have you noticed the health of our nation? How people are acknowledged together, who’s the who anyway. Everybody’s up in about it! And what is it? What the fuck are you upset for? Do you feel hurt? So do i. Only because i know most of the time i forget what love is and i pray i keep consistent to love, listen when it’s heard: accept people as they are. We may disagree and we may be friends. We may have many issues and mixed order for which issue we should address for our limited capacity is all we are angry for. Yes, we are limited, not perfect; now you know this yourself anyway, you see yourself, you forgive yourself, many times a day. Now how many times have you given the same forgiveness, to all people. Understanding we are all one, distinct people with responsibility to uphold peace strongly. Stand. Bow. Stand.

Give us the respect we deserve. We are people. We wish well, we know we do. We are hopeful. We are strong for peace. We most of all love love. Got it.