Ah it’s the first and its wack and wonderful attack on nothing. It’s the passionate easy love. It’s an elegiac future preposition. It’s a new era. It’s it. 



Blue bled some brought yappy yarn through the spool of the universe, unwound nomenclature, carelessly led nowhere, fearlessly led everywhere. Bears big and stars adorable breathe light, ah they shuffle glitter in their mouth, exhale a galaxy; cosmos in my coffee. 


Careful dearly beloved. Wondrous one of the universe. Every particular who does instill us altogether in a universal. Just one universal everlasting manifestation in the nation of lovers, in the elation of goers; with the change, the rearrange of a brain, conduits of creative impulse, trinity relational, all entire and full of it all. Who could fit an ocean in their mouth, and poem like a fountain.



Dearly beloved in the mirror flower. Favor me this pen, spirit fill the sparrow dove, spill the hummingbird hum. Huh? Harrow the echoing echo of in halls of my head, half the step – ever walk the heaven steppes, tripped up by a poem – fell upwards up in this little light of mine, a divine pull.



Everybody’s everybody.



Feminine wonderin wonderful, how’d i get this wonderful? Have me be a piece of art, a magic aura, a calm and sensitive collected strength and the birth of his new world? Had the prayer answered any other way i’d have surely seen it happen my way, and Gods mad sense somehow makes sense to my heart.



Gold a little. Go gold a little. Glisten and belittle none, listen and find favor in your mind for all. Listen for the music. Look for the light. Go into their universe, lose the world, accept the gold. Forgiveness is in your own hand, have you handed it to yourself? Give it free, its endless. Give it and be ready for it. Follows with love, receive the love. Its free, its endless. Get happy lost in eternity, the feeling, its love, its endless. Its in this.



Happiness had called back, answer brother sister mother father all of every friend to the light. Two more of us and we’d be face to face. Had we lost both of we, went back to December 16, had me in love lit candlelight, snug in a writers coat, soaking in all the rush of passion, of love i’ve always been. Ive always been in love. I’ve always been. Had happiness once and treasured it, sought the same eternal feeing in every new thing. It began with a leaf, fell over the flowers, the glow of the paint flow, poems like leafs flipping pages through the heart-broke nights, broke the veil with madness, brought back the crazy, i know, i forgot everything, light flashed in through me at the orange of a near death, desired life in starlight, a new start, a forever being in a moment, enough to be in love.



Could you write a poem with reading glasses being metaphor for wine. Make me remember the wind. Mystic haze on the horizon. Maybe that’s where we’re going. Watching planes flying through the air, the dust they leave behind, shall we?



Just so you know: spiritual impulse is always as often correct. That old coats got your last love written all over it. Your wrist veins are orange and pink and rolling in the wind, you point to the little man hopping along the bushes, the fire-hydrants, flowers, streetlights, lamps and that joggers head. He hops onto the rear view mirror. Just sits and looks back like he knows he’s a dream, only awake in a dream. And he goes on dreaming.



Kill them all the winter said to the winds. She obeyed. Flew furiously the fallen leaves into the empty busy pockets of the youth. Harps blew through my mind. I stood on the street-side, my foot toe tapping behind me into the curb, an apple snaps at my teeth, crunches in my jaw’s loosening. Speaking a desire of the pure, born on the floor of the sky. Firmament in the head bop, I’m swaying because i’ve got tides rushing through me you cant see. I gotta flash here a minute so speak why i speak at all. They’ve whoops’d the whoosh, went underway my hands, had the muses as my brands – called her divinity, trinity, love me oh my this mind of all of minds. You’ve your peace of mind. Desire further.  



[L poem]



Manifest moreover have the many become one. Maybe a maybe is more assuredly sounded than a definite this is or that was or maybe this could be a maple leaf tree to writer beneath. Just watch the lights flash on by and by and rhyme with. Flicker flash into eternity.



Nocturnes in the ocean, petals on the ocean floor, water winds scatter the colors, stars scatter light beams through the rippled surface. The veil rips. From the inside out, fractals and glitter on a bedroom floor. A body imposed upon and fully wrapped in doves, just dancing in the pink and blur, the yellow hazy air; where else?



Orange is the color of veins. Orange is Oh! And deep field ranges my eye roams among. I see all things, how all things come to be, the world opens before me, the moment i give what people call me, fully with love.



Portable obituary brought cars screening screen lanes feeling window panes. Smoke on the glass. Pass on the grass. wasps in the meadows. Wondrous yellow happy perchance pain is more room for love. Perhaps the rains nice for walking. Plop out of a star. Yesterdays invariables boot the camp. Boot the camp. Cramps all people into one people and its roomy and its comfy.



Question. Why question with intent of assuredly sounding like knowing something when all the fun is in the finding. Let the wander wonder whisp us on along and in through the hearts of relation, affection in a cool coming together. Bless us our meet and merry affection. The hairs of your head for our bed, bloom in my beautiful hand, hand me us.



Are we there yet? Pain is making clean and resdy for movers. Have you been in by a new one before? Have this feeling before, the audible paranoia hermit half voices everyones own audible half though stuffed under the autumn leaves and swinging new and staggering through on agin into happiness with a greater capacity for love, having joy in it all.



Hours scant cant creep purple overrun people posture pretty location languid really revealed tepid calculation in oblong beauteous birth



Tell us today my lovely alphabetical lapping wave of the endless sea see me singing here high on politic bring us the artists bring us the bags full of art bring us the freedom bring us liberation for a nation united under the flow. Oh here we go: go go at it again since i’ve had infinity in my ear I’ve been sweet as cherry blossoms. Does a tree with no branches, no blossoms, no leaves, make pleas also for a branch, a blossom, a leaf turn of the season. Please? Can this country have a strong branch, a beautiful blossom, a leaf turn into love, justice, peace in the new. All we knew made us stronger, so we are a new people. We dot our eyes with attention, cross our knees with the purity of salvation. In us we are a new people, know ourselves now.



You are the everything to me. Everywhere i read you, everywhere i see. You are the red wash of sunset. The cream swirl in my coffee. The shadow resting on a shadow. The light resting on a light. To speak of you is to be. What’s all been said is and anything more only adds to my experience of you.



Very vernacular i have. All this passing life I’ve been a mystery to myself alone! Hey, I’ve got you figured out. I’m inside your mind and your hands writing through mine, your eye’s coloring my paint, your heartbeats in my step. I’m very nowhere so I’m all of everywhere myself. I’ve a full hand for worship in the deep blue seas, scrubbing the bottom of the surface waters, washing faith’s feet. I’m all for the beauty in this world, sunshines and crescent means for making this last. We’re started again, feeling in the heart again, God is in it all.



Worlds worlds worlds. All the interior worlds i live in have spilled out like glistening marbles in the sun line light. I’m sitting in the rain and i read my reflection in the falling light drops. Im the sound of my own voice. I am wine and why i drink. The loose vernacular of the actual world and were this not everything i see i’d only have this to be perfectly clear about how the old me felt about thee. Though truthfully i live only in divinity, i’m the glass mirror at the trinity. I’m here and i’m there. I’m bare brass at the lip of jazz. I’m wondering why God sends people into to departure and free-falls the floor from out of me into the everything feeling? Why not. Where and how many qualities do you love? Whats the newest thing you’re about to do? Hows the future, tell us? Why isn’t it wonderful baby.



Cross in the surety of perfect literature in lipping the litanical call of a spirit blowing faster as i close my dood, humming a song, birds harmony in with me, sleeping the slope of a fruit, a cantaloupe  colored sunset and i fall forward into the stars, all about the endless universal flow. Its just never ending you know and thats all there is to know, feel the love xxx hearts and kisses.



Yellow makes happy the eternity. Life’s enough already don’t limit yourself except unless the genius inclination is full in first impression. Say thank you in all things. Expect a better day than your best.



My self control is learned in properly directing the uncontrollable. Life is uncontrollable. Rolling laughable blot of ink test to stir up a passion requisite for love. Live on they say. See us, love us, be us, everywhere and in all. Above all, give into the good love, hold sacred the sovereign hand. Happy days in infinity.