At what point do you fight? Meaning secure your innate peace. When peace is being abolished, fight forward with peace.

Sometimes i feel my minds on a leash from my feelings. I thought it should be the other way around, my mind leading along my heart; however, howsoever i get this passion pumping, the blood running, this life loving, i will; howsoever the mindlessness, the spirit in this is solely my hearts condition.

I took a class on logic, rather the philosophical ought than for moral obligation. Such as is a nation needing a sample voice, timeless balance in the words you whisper. I’ll be your voice. The voice of nation united, within. The unveiling times our skin only representational, whats true is what is within. I’ve never taken sides, left, right, within, without. Without this trait i’d be quite tasteless. To tell the truth i always tell the truth and i always seek purer expression.

Yesterday i could tell the winds were new. They’d blown about in senseless matter of discord, as with the passing events of a personal politic. Everybody’s wrapped up about it anyway, who’s the wind to say: settle down. These are the times, yes these are the times of death, yes these are the times of disaster, yes these are the times of disease, yes these are the times of injustices, yes, and moreover these are the times of sunset. So seek still the light, be patient, fight with peace and seek still the light. Seeking still the light, there will a sunrise.

All these roads are home, lead to home, are home. Even on the journey, i long for the journey. Where am i? When i am everywhere. Who am i? When i am everyone.

I am mindless, yes, maybe. And be all the more mindful, for a heartfelt soul’s sole spilling is synergy; you me everybody’s got it: love.

But how come every portraits of you. Can’t get away from you and all you do is put yourself away from me. This wind’s no fight for an injustice, the wind keeps-a-blowing: ya hear? I sent a poem in the latest current to fortune your sense. Now, its all coming back around.