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The value of being is all here is seeing poems peopling about. Still ride the wind, water flow within and into again from endless streams of love, grow with this tree of life, the words blossoms in the winds. Of yesterday there had been hope, for today we are loving our testament to live true the promise of life. Golden fields of sky poured like honey from the sun. Green dipped fields in the blue pond, feet, barefeet running carefully through glows of flower fields in twilight. Fullest moon smiling into the sun, overflowing light. Lovers in the long grass, spun vision in embracing a gust of wind, words flow through them, the spell of infinity. Rainbows wrap the earth, a levity shifts gravity inward, to each the whole resolves, to the whole each revolve, everybody’s everybody. Altogether the light of the whole guides, spins the people, the flowers, the moon, the earth and each universe maximal and minimal, perspectives to perceptions, knees to shoulders and heads to hearts, each part coalesces in a unitive blend, a singular purpose instilled, love in this life, the one life of all color, a unitive mixture, made another day possible.

The sun’s risen on January first twenty twenty one, with it the fullness of hope being made in a better people on earth, better heart for love, better lift within, best we see God in all, love all as God loves us by all, today. And we have to start today. Either we are or lose the either or, accept the both and become love in full. Pain prevails, as does happiness, the bliss in joy the both belongs to a smile returned by a rising sun. By warm i love you’s across the land. The flowers dressed in words of the wind. Clouds spun, moon face, hands handed, more than metaphor for personified people divining their purpose in life. They do that which most stirs them to love. They gaze with compassion upon this transparent and mirror, this wonderful world. Believe them when they believe, now is a good time to be in love.